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Big Night (1996) -- Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub VHS DVD VHS Widescreen

This is a all time favourite. Watch it and you'll know why the closing scene without dialogue is one of our favorite scenes in all of film. We recommend the widescreen format, but the standard version was fine as well. From an official review: "Actor Stanley Tucci cowrote, codirected, and stars (along with Tony Shaloub) in this touching and funny parable about two brothers, Italian immigrants, who run an unsuccessful restaurant on the Jersey shore in the 1950s. Convinced by a thriving rival (Ian Holm) that jazz great Louis Prima will be stopping by their eatery for a late dinner after a show, the brothers pull out all stops and spend their last dollar organizing a banquet that ought to make culinary history. "

Tae Bo Workout (1998)

This is great. There are two videos included- the first one takes you through learning the basic moves and steps, the second is the real half-hour workout. Check with your doctor before begining the workout- this is not a 'casual' routine.



Titanica (VHS / DVD)

If you were lucky enough to see this IMAX movie in an IMAX theatre, you know what a treat it was. Released on video it still retains its charm and gasps. One of William's favorites.




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