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Powerbuilder Foundation Class Library Professional Reference (Team Powersoft Series)

William Rompala is a contributing author for this volume, writing on the topic of integrating PowerBuilder applications with the Intranet/ Internet. From the publisher: "Presenting the definitive guide to building object-oriented software for the Internet and client/server applications. Some 125,000 software developers are already using the Powersoft Foundation Class (PFC), and this book/CD-ROM explains the PFC Library for PowerBuilder-the collection of programs frequently used and reused by developers when building software applications with PowerBuilder. This sourcebook provides in-depth guidance on application development, performance tuning, maintenance, documentation, and more. A special section covers the use of PFC on the Internet. Given that Powersoft itself asked these expert authors to create this package, it promises to be the premier PFC Library resource!"

Jaguar Development With Powerbuilder 7 (Powerbuilder Developer's Library) --by Michael Barlotta,

Written for the PowerBuilder programmer or IS manager, Jaguar Development with PowerBuilder 7 shows off the strengths of Sybase Enterprise Applications Server (EAS) and Jaguar CTS to create scalable database applications in PowerBuilder. Average customer rating on Amazon of 5 out of 5 stars!